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Mythbusting Impact Investing

Taa’theer 2017–the annual impact and social responsibility conference–is coming up once again, and WOMENA will be joining the conversation to discuss how investors fit into the puzzle of making the world a better place. Angel investors (at least the investors in WOMENA) in general tend to share certain characteristics. We’re risk-takers, innovation-seekers, and believers in […]

Meet the UAE’s Next Generation of Young Investors

WOMENA has set its sights on an even younger generation of entrepreneurs and investors that will be building the UAE’s ecosystem in the coming years, and what we’ve seen so far is pretty promising! Since WOMENA started two years ago, we’ve been lucky to be a part of a growing startup ecosystem that is nowhere […]

Farewell WOMENA

  Three and a half years ago Elissa and I were on a boat somewhere in the Mediterranean and under the cover of the dark night sky and a clear view of the stars unpolluted by city light, we decided to start WOMENA. Fast forward to December 2014, we launched with our first pitch meeting, […]

Why Are Female Angel Investors Important to the MENA Ecosystem?

“Most female angel investors are currently, or have been, founders of a startup. So, I believe that having female venture capitalists and angel investors onboard positively impacts the investment process, because they have walked in our proverbial shoes and they understand how we think, what we need and how to give it to us. By […]

WOMENA Turns 2!

Three years ago, WOMENA began as an idea formed on a boat between two friends in the middle of the Greek isles under the stars. One year later, WOMENA launched as a platform to encourage women to start angel investing. Two years later again under the stars, WOMENA celebrated our anniversary and announced milestones such […]

WOMENA at GITEX–Promoting Angel Investors and Diversity

From October 16-20th is GITEX  Technology Week— the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of technology. In 2015, more than 146,000 attendees from across the globe gathered amongst one million net square feet of exhibit space. This year, GITEX is getting in on the startup movement, bringing GITEX Startups, the largest […]

Becoming a WOMENA Portfolio Company–Interview with Wrappup

Wrappup is an award winning, innovative startup that is revolutionizing the way people take notes. The app they developed is a meeting productivity tool that uses smart voice recording to build playable summary notes and make meeting discussion instantly searchable. At the push of a button, users tag and organize the most important points of […]

Meet Some of MENA’s Most Successful Angel Investors

The idea of angel investing may seem daunting at first, because of the uncertainty that comes with investing in new companies or ideas. However, the following three investors prove how vision, an understanding of emerging markets and investing in the “right players” can generate considerable returns for angel investors in the MENA region. Fadi Ghandoor […]

Increasing Diversity: WOMENA’s Q1 2016 Impact!

We’re halfway through the year– a great time to evaluate our progress during 2016. And we’re happy to report that there has been progress–lots of it!  Since the beginning of the year, WOMENA has welcomed new angel investors, added additional staff and invested in some pretty sparkly portfolio companies #Blessed. We’re especially proud to see our […]