Ladies Who Launch

On November 1st, almost 50 leading women from across the Middle East gathered in Dubai to celebrate the launch of WOMENA at our inaugural event, Ladies Who Launch. It was an afternoon enjoyed by all and set the stage for our first charter group meeting in December. We had guests travelling from as far away […]

Why It’s Time to Invest in The Middle East

The Middle East is usually seen around the world as a region of war and tumult. There are areas in the region where unfortunately that is the case, but a lot of the region is stable and experiencing rapid growth, especially in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With a unique mix of high consumption, quality entrepreneurs, increasing […]

Introducing Melltoo: WOMENA’s First Investment

We are very happy to announce today that our first investment is in Melltoo, a social network that connects buyers and sellers of secondhand goods. Morrad Irsane (CEO) and Sharene Lee (COO) launched the company in Dubai in March 2014. Already they have 85,000 downloads, 25,000 active users and daily growth of 400+ users. Melltoo […]

Investment Process

We receive numerous questions from entrepreneurs about our investment process. Hopefully this post will clarify any questions you may have about the investment process! Application Cycle WOMENA has one pitch meeting every month. Applications to pitch are open and ongoing. Process Initial Application: In order to be considered for an investment, interested entrepreneurs must fill […]

Welcome to the WOMENA Blog

We’ve come along way since the idea of WOMENA first began to emerge 18 months ago and it’s been an incredible journey. It’s a journey that’s only going to get better though and we are very excited to see what the future holds. We welcome you to our blog today. We launched it for many […]