Womena - Breaking that Catch 22

Catch 22: How The Booming VC Culture is Holding Back MENA Innovation

It is a highly-recommended investment strategy internationally, for the benefit of both the investor and the entrepreneur, to invest in companies you understand. But in the MENA region, this has resulted in a cycle of not taking bets on (very rare) locally bred innovation yet lamenting their absence. This begs the question of: how can […]

Womena Webinar Lu Li Elissa Freiha

Webinar: Fierce Founders in a Man’s World

The last few months have been rocky for female founders and investors in Silicon Valley, with a number of harassment allegations being levied against prominent VC partners. The Elephant in the Valley project conducted a survey of over 200 Silicon-Valley based female founders and engineers and discovered that up to 90% had witnessed sexist behavior at […]


Gearing up for GITEX!

Since it’s early beginnings in 1981, GITEX has been MENA’s leading technology and innovation conference. In a nod to the powerful role that startups play in creating innovation, last year GITEX launched the GITEX Startup movement, which gathered hundreds of startups from around the world. As one of the movement’s first partners, WOMENA hosted panels […]

Nermine Chatila

Why I Like Metrics

E-commerce has been the latest big thing in the region with successes and acquisitions. For the many new daily entrants out there, the business model innovation you bring to the table will determine how successful you will be (unless you’ve somehow developed a teleportation technology to replace shipping, then I will sell my house and […]

WOMENA World Tour 2017

WOMENA World Tour 2017

Summer is fast approaching and WOMENA is hitting the road! We’ll be speaking at conferences, growing our networks sharing best practice, learning from other angel groups and ecosystems, and bringing the best ideas back to the Middle East! WOMENA will also be building bridges and raising awareness about the Middle East ecosystem through speaking engagements […]

Elissa Freiha Weoritu Feature

Journey: Elissa Freiha مسيرة إليسا فريحة

Why did we start WOMENA? Take a glimpse into the #herstory of WOMENA as our cofounder and angel investor, Elissa Freiha shares their entrepreneurial journey on why they build one of the most active angel investment groups in the region. Thank you WEORITU for featuring us and capturing our story in this beautiful video. To learn more […]