BabyFist: Not Your Habibti and the politics of fashion

Part 1/2

“The personal is deeply political, especially under occupation. Our clothing and our brand is a poster child for intersectionality – when it comes to the intersections of feminism, of human movement, of occupation,” says Yasmeen Mjalli, co-founder and creative director of Palestine-based fashion brand BabyFist.

In Part 1 of this interview, Yasmeen and Amira Khader, the social impact and managing director of BabyFist, talk to womena®Media about how their brand is about more than just fashion, it speaks to the restrictions placed on a population living under occupation, and the intricate ways it affects movement, livelihoods and culture, becoming a channel to educate their customers globally about these issues. The partners find ways to navigate their business and production in Palestine, where they have built a community and dialogue around dismantling oppressive societal structure, namely in the way it concerns women’s bodies.

To BabyFist, fashion, ethical consumerism and social impact is a package deal. Producing their clothes in Gaza is how they contribute to the local economy while making a statement about what they stand for. “We always have the option to produce outside of Gaza. It would be much easier, much cheaper, and faster, but we always choose Gaza,” says Amira. “We choose to have every piece come out of the most difficult place in the world. A place that really has no choices.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the interview next week where they talk more about their educational campaigns. choosing their cause, and how they came into feminism.

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