Womentum 2019 – Claudia Gerber, consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

“What we’re setting out to do here is make sure that we can enable these companies through mentorship, coaching and pitch trainings — really making sure that after this program they are able to solve some of their most fundamental questions and problems,” says Claudia Gerber, consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

As Womentum’s Consulting Partner for the 2019 cycle, BCG flew eight consultants to Berlin for a half-day hackathon, where they worked closely with each startup to advise strategically on how to focus their unique value propositions and to address their customer base, building a business model that allows for sustainable growth.

BCG consultants will be mentoring the eight #womentum19 startups throughout the four-month duration of the program, including providing focused mentorship during the remote period in the lead up to the Dubai bootcamp in October.

“We love supporting the vision of companies that want to create value, that want to create change in their market. All the startups that Womentum has selected, they’re all trying to do that,” Claudia says.