It is not about the education, it is about the future.


At womena we believe in the power of education to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs equipped with the skills to succeed. Our education workshops and courses:

Leverage the expertise of womena‘s international network of investors, founders and industry experts.
Provide practice-based learning. Entrepreneurship and investing is not theoretical. Every workshop is designed to help build or invest in a business in a local market setting.


We work with universities to help develop a strong pipeline of future investors and entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneur education courses utilize our investment experience and extensive knowledge of the MENA ecosystem to bring real-world entrepreneurship skills to students .Our venture investing programs introduce students to the basics of venture and angel investing, preparing them for a career in this rapidly-growing sector.


Accelerators and Incubators

Womena’s finding funding course guides entrepreneurs through the process of fundraising and receiving investment. From understanding investors’ portfolio strategies, to pitch training, valuation and investment terms. Finding Funding covers all aspects of the fundraising process.


Angel Investors

Understanding the fundamentals of early stage deals are key to an effective investment strategy and increasing returns. Womena’s angel education courses provide first-time investors with with the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to make their first investment.