Gaza Sky Geeks

It’s easy to think of entrepreneurship only happening in the hubs of Silicon Valley and the like. But entrepreneurship happens all around the world even in the unlikeliest of places. Gaza Sky Geeks is just one such (incredible) example.

Set up by Mercy Corps in 2011, Gaza Sky Geeks is the only accelerator in the Gaza Strip. It promotes entrepreneurship and innovation across Gaza and provides economic opportunities for a place where youth unemployment is 60%. They’ve brought some leading investors and entrepreneurs to Gaza, including 500 Startups Cofounder Dave McClure last month.

Their startups face significant challenges and headwinds. With only six hours of electricity (and hence Internet) a day and the blockade of basic goods and services entering the territory, it puts into perspective the challenges we face outside of such restrictions.

As this TechCrunch article explains, Gaza Sky Geeks can also be seen as a model for other accelerators in some ways, even the most established ones in Silicon Valley. 41% of the founders on the accelerator programme are women, which you are very unlikely to see in Silicon Valley.

If you’re interested in mentoring or helping the Gaza Sky Geeks startups practice their pitches, please contact us and we would be delighted to put you in contact with the Gaza Sky Geeks team.