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Hair is a statement! Amira and Alya on self-image and the power of choice

Let’s talk hair! ??‍♀️

…with Author Alya Mooro and womena® Chief Media Officer Amira Ahmed who bonded over their shared experience of growing up with curly hair that didn’t conform to society’s or their mothers’ expectations, and what it meant to gain control of their hair and take the power back – wearing it curly, straight, or however the hell they want! ??

“Hair is powerful and it’s a statement,” says Amira. “It’s also the fact that you can control your body and the first place that you can really learn to do that as a young girl is with your hair,” she adds, reflecting on her journey with natural hair and her own self-image.

Alya, author of “The Greater Freedom,” discusses hair and the standards of beauty a lot in her debut book. Growing up in London with dark, curly hair meant that she stood out among her classmates. “From a very young age, I was made to feel less because of my hair, but also the rest of me, did not fit in in this ideal of beauty that society, that my mom, told me I should ascribe to,” she says.

It’s not just about hair, and for both of them, it’s about choice. “If you are allowed to make your own decisions for what you look like and what you feel comfortable with then you’re allowed to make your own decision about anything.”

What was your hair journey like? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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