Introducing Our Partners: A-M

We at WOMENA see fragmentation and imperfect information as hindrances to the success of the MENA startup ecosystem and the players in it. There are so many wonderful entrepreneurial support organizations and startup financing entities in the region that can collaborate to make wise and informed investment decisions.

To help develop this startup ecosystem, we have established a network of partners across the Middle East. Each partner brings a whole range of benefits and collaboration opportunities and we are very excited to work with each and every one of them. Below are short introductions to the first half of our partners:

Able & Baker – Based in Abu Dhabi, Able & Baker provides consulting and investment services for local and international companies

Cairo Angels – Cairo Angels is the leading angel group in Egypt with investments in 8 Egyptian starts since 2012

C3 – C3 enables Middle East emerging social entrepreneurs to become active agents of positive social change by leveraging experienced business professionals seeking meaningful ways to give back

Envestors – based out of Dubai, Envestors supports an international network of investors for MENA startups

Eureeca – the first crowdfunding platform in the Middle East, Eureeca has added a new and exciting investment opportunity for MENA based startups

Middle East Venture Partners – MEVP is one of the largest venture capital firms in the Middle East primarily investing in Middle East startups

Mompreneurs – Mompreneurs supports female entrepreneurs across the Middle East develop their businesses and their business acumen