LebanOFF, Lebanon – A visual poem by Elissa Freiha

“LebanOFF, Lebanon.” – A visual poem by our very own founder Elissa Freiha, inspired by the October Revolution currently taking place in her homeland.

Freiha, who is half Lebanese, flew to Beirut to join the protests sparked on October 17, calling for an end to crippling corruption and for the political elite to step down.

“Their private planes purchased with the people’s pensions, profiting off political tensions. It seems worth it to mention that – The greatest power cut Lebanon has ever had is when the politicians cut the power of the people.”

The unity and explosion of expression she experienced during the #thawra inspired her to write her first poem in years, channeling her creative energy into heartfelt and hard-hitting lines.

“We agreed to their categories of Sunni, Druze or Shiite, Orthodox, Atheist or Maronite. When wildfires ignite, we wonder who set them off.”

Lebanon has a secular government that was originally established with an aim to give fair representation to the numerous religious sects within the country – however, these protests have unified the population demanding for dramatic social, economic and political change. Leading up to the October protests, Lebanon was battling more than a hundred wildfires.

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