MENA Tech Investors You Should Follow on Twitter

MENA Tech Investors to Follow on Twitter

Startups in the MENA region received over $870M investments last year. That is a good indicator that there is a growing interest in the startup ecosystem and investors are getting comfortable investing in technology and not just in the traditional asset class such as real estate.

At WOMENA, we’ve reviewed over 900 pitch decks and funded six startups to date which translates to 0.6% funding success. If you are a startup that is fundraising in the region, how will you stand out from the crowd?

If you are most startups that search for investors through Google, you’ll end up with about 500,000 search results for “MENA tech investors.” After combing through each of them, you will get an ample hit list of investors to spam your pitch deck with. Spamming does not make a good impression, because like any normal person, investors favor more not just brilliant ideas but also those that they have an established relationship with.

So if you are a resourceful fundraiser, you will follow this tip from Silicon Valley VCs Brad Feld and ‎Jason Mendelson, “engaging a VC that you don’t know via social media can be useful as a starting point to develop a relationship.

By following investors on social media, it will not only give you good insight into how they think and their investment thesis but it will also enable you to assess their fit for your startup. This will increase your odds of success during a pitch meeting as you will be able to tailor fit your pitch to hit their sweet spot.

To give you a jumpstart, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of interesting VCs, angel investors, and notable high net worth individuals from the MENA region:

  1. Abdulaziz Alloughani (@aballoughani) – Vice Chairman of the Kuwait National Fund for SMEs Development (@Thenationalfund)
  2. Ahmad Takatkah (@VCpreneur) – Senior Investment Manager at Arzan Venture Capital (@ArzanVC)
  3. Alvaro Abella (@abella_BECO) – Managing Partner and CFO at BECO Capital (@BECOCapital)
  4. Aly El Shalakany (@AlyShalakany) – Chairman at Cairo Angels (@cairoangels)
  5. Ambar Amleh (@ambaramleh) – Chief Operating Officer at Ibtikar Fund (@ibtikarfund)
  6. Anurag Agarwal (@anurag_vc) – Investment Manager at Arzan Venture Capital (@ArzanVC)
  7. Amir Farha (@afarha) – Co-founder and CIO at BECO Capital (@BECOCapital)
  8. Amira Rashad (@amira123rashad) – Angel investor at WOMENA (@womenaco)
  9. Badr Jafar (@BadrJafar) – CEO at Crescent Enterprises
  10. Cankut Durgun (@cankut_durgun) – Founding Partner at Aslanoba Capital
  11. Chantalle Dumonceaux (@ChantalleALD) – Co-founder and Investment Director at WOMENA (@womenaco)
  12. Christine Nasserghodsi (@cnasserghodsi) – Angel Investor at WOMENA (@womenaco)
  13. Christopher Schroeder (@cmschroed) – Entrepreneur, investor, author and MENA supporter
  14. Christos Mastoras (@cmastoras) – Founder and Managing Partner at Iliad Partners (@IliadPartners)
  15. Daniel dos Reis (@Daniel_dos_Reis) – Senior Portfolio Manager at Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (@Dtec_dso)
  16. Dany Farha (@danyfarha) – Co-founder and CEO at BECO Capital (@BECOCapital)
  17. Dave McClure (@davemcclure) – Founding Partner at 500 Startups (@500Startups)
  18. Elissa Freiha (@freihahaha) – Co-founder and Marketing Director at WOMENA (@womenaco)
  19. Emile Cubeisy (@ecubeisy) – Managing Partner at Silicon Badia (@siliconbadia)
  20. Faisal Hakki (@faisalhakki) – CEO at Oasis500 (@Oasis_500)
  21. Fares Ghandour (@toosketch) – Partner at Wamda Capital (@WamdaCapital)
  22. Fadi Ghandour (@fadig) – Managing Partner at Wamda Capital (@WamdaCapital)
  23. Gaurav Dhar (@RollingArtDubai) – Angel Investor at WOMENA (@womenaco)
  24. Gulsum Ciraci (@gulsumciraci) – Founding partner at Istanbul Startup Angels (@istanbulangels)
  25. Habib Haddad (@habibh) – Venture Partner at Wamda Capital (@WamdaCapital)
  26. Hala Fadel (@halafrangie) – Managing Partner at Leap Ventures (@LeapVC)
  27. Hasan Aslanoba (@AslanobaHasan) – Founding Chairman at Aslanoba Capital
  28. Hasan Haider (@Hasmanh) – MENA Partner at 500 Startups (@500Startups); CEO at Tenmou (@Tenmoubh)
  29. Hasan Zainal (@Hasan_zainal) – Founder at Arzan Venture Capital (@ArzanVC)
  30. Heather Henyon (@BalCap) – Board Director and Investment Committee Member at Dubai Angel Investors
  31. Henri Asseily (@rikkles) – Founding Partner at at Leap Ventures (@LeapVC)
  32. Hervé Cuviliez (@hervecuviliez) – Partner at at Leap Ventures (@LeapVC)
  33. Hossam Allam (@samallam) – Founder at Cairo Angels (@cairoangels)
  34. Hussam Khoury (@hkhoury) – President at Jabbar Internet Group
  35. Kamal Hassan (@kamal_turn8) – General Partner at Turn8 Fund (@turn8hub)
  36. Khaled bin Alwaleed (@KhaledAlwaleed) – Founding Chairman at KBW Investments (@kbw_investments)
  37. Khaled Ismail (@kismail1959) – Managing Partner at Algebra Ventures
  38. Khaled Talhouni (@khaledtalhouni) – Managing Partner at Wamda Capital (@WamdaCapital)
  39. Kyle Hendrick (@w_kylehendrick) – Founder and General Partner at Arab Angel Fund (@ArabAngelFund)
  40. Laith Zraikat (@laithz) – Senior Investment Manager at Arzan Venture Capital (@ArzanVC)
  41. Maher Kallel (@kallelkad) – President at Carthage Business Angels Association
  42. Marwan Juma (@marwansjuma) – Chairman of the Board at Oasis500 (@Oasis_500)
  43. Mohamed Alabbar (@mohamed_alabbar) – Chairman of Emaar (@emaardubai)
  44. Mondher Khanfir (@Khanfirm) – Founder and CEO at WiKISTARTUP (@WIKISTARTUP)
  45. Nicolas Rouhana (@nrouhana) – General Manager at Insure & Match Capital (@IMkapital)
  46. Noor Shawwa (@noorshawwa) – Managing Director at Endeavor UAE (@EndeavorUAE)
  47. Noor Sweid (@nsweid) – Partner at Leap Ventures (@LeapVC)
  48. Omar Sati (@ojsati) – Managing Director at DASH Ventures (@DASHventures)
  49. Ossama Hassanein (@OssamaHassanein) – Chairman of Rising Tide Fund (@RisingTideFund)
  50. Paul Chucrallah (@paul_chucrallah) – Managing Director at Berytech Fund (@Berytechfund)
  51. Pierre Azzam (@PierreAzzam) – Shareholder and Board Director at Eureeca (@eureecamoment)
  52. Prashant K. Gulati (@PKGulati) – Angel Investor and President at TiE Dubai
  53. Qais al-Khonji (@QaisalKhonji) – Founder of Qais United Enterprises Trading and Genesis International
  54. Rakan AL Eidi (@Rakaneur) – Venture Partner at 500 Falcons Fund
  55. Rami Al-Karmi (@alkarmi) – Chairman and CEO at F03 Venture Partners (@f03vp) and Limited Partner at 500 Startups (@500Startups)
  56. Ramy Boujawdeh (@RBoujawdeh) – Angel Investor at Seeders Masterclass for Business Angels (@SeedersMBA)
  57. Sabah Al Binali (@SabahALBINALI) – Angel Investor and Chief Investment Officer of and CEO of Credit at Shuaa Capital (@SHUAA_Capital)
  58. Saed Nashef (@saednashef) – Founding Partner at Sadara Ventures (@sadaravc)
  59. Samih Toukan (@samihtoukan) – Chairman and CEO at Jabbar Internet Group
  60. Sharif El-Badawi (@selbadawi) – Chairman at TechWadi (@TechWadiorg) and Partner at 500 Startups (@500Startups)
  61. Sirine Fadoul (@SirineFad) – Incubator Manager DTEC (@dtec_dso) and Angel Investor
  62. Sonia Weymuller (@SoniaWey) – Founding Partner at VentureSouq (@VentureSouq)
  63. Souhail Khoury (@Souhailk) – Venture Capital at Berytech Fund (@Berytechfund)
  64. Tarek Amin (@tarekaminz) – Founder at Dubai Angel Investors
  65. Tarek El Kady (@tarekelkady) – Founder at Alexandria Angel Network (@alexandriangels)
  66. Usama Fayyad (@usamaf) – Executive Chairman at Oasis500 (@Oasis_500)
  67. Walid Faza (@Walid_Faza) – Partner and Investment Principal at Wamda Capital (@WamdaCapital)
  68. Walid Mansour (@WalidGMansour) – Managing Partner at Middle East Venture Partners (@MiddleEastVP)
  69. Walid Tahabsem (@wtahabsem) – Board Director at Endeavor Jordan (@EndeavorJo)
  70. Yousef Hammad (@Yo_Hammad) – Associate at BECO Capital (@BECOCapital)
  71. Yousef Hamza (@yousefhamza) – Partner at Envestors MENA (@EnvestorsLondon)

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Did I miss someone that should be on the list? Ping me at @dulcelada. I will be updating this list regularly.