A unique algorithm for complex planning problems

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A unique algorithm for complex planning problems

Dimension 14 cracks the code to planning problems faced by organizations across different verticals using AI systems and machine learning technology.

Coding since the age of 12, Melda Akin, co-founder of Dubai-based startup Dimension 14, is passionate about problem solving. For the past few years, she has put her energy into creating a unique AI-enabled algorithm that can help large scale organizations find cheaper and more efficient solutions for planning problems.

Organizations with a large workforce, a massive fleet or complex scheduling and decision-making workflows are always on the lookout for solutions that optimize these operational processes.

The optimization software market currently stands at $8.1 billion, with companies now spending thousands of dollars to make these processes faster and more tech-based, in a bid to increase productivity and efficiency.

Dimension 14 offers their services to these businesses through intelligent scheduling, analytics and predictions, optimization and AI strategy consulting. They also benefit from Dimension 14’s pre-built, intuitive and user-friendly platform.

“To solve one unique problem there are a couple of parameters that you have to set,” explains Melda, “We automate the process starting from problem definition, explanation, and modeling.”

Dimension 14 is a startup from Womentum 2019, a women in tech accelerator by womena® in partnership with Standard Chartered. “In the current world, we need too much human expertise, we eliminate this process, so the solution is more affordable, more flexible, and cheaper than the existing ones,” says Melda.

“Our algorithms act like humans with very high-level expertise, and it takes care of all the complex algorithms and flaws,” she adds.

Melda’s career in intelligent computer engineering systems started with her working as a software developer. She then worked her way up to become a director and board member before moving to Dubai to start her own digital transformation consultancy.

Chris Wallace, co-founder of Dimension 14, previously worked as a strategy consultant for the finance transformation sector before moving into the world of startups, where he looked after international expansion for a food and beverage company.

After meeting on an empty plane where they sat working across the aisle from each other, Melda brought Chris on board with her AI planning tool concept, which turned into Dimension 14 in January 2019.

Their initial focus was on tackling issues in the higher education sector through an automated course and exam scheduling tool – which they now provide as a service called Jadwal.ai.

The co-founder’s are now focusing on optimizing workforce mobility and manufacturing with the Dimension 14 algorithm.

“Planning problems pretty much transcend a lot of different verticals,” says Chris, “There are so many different variables and those kinds of messy problems, are the ones we really like and that’s what we want to solve.”

The company utilizes their algorithm system, or ‘Magic Box’ as Melda and Chris like to call it and feeds it a vast amount of data in order to solve problems faced by a wide array of industries. “It picks which approach we’re gonna use, how we gonna approach, what kind of parameters that we gonna use and we solve it,” says Melda.

“Data is everything,” explains Melda, “Collecting and gathering this data in the right format and at the right time is challenging.”

“My personal passion is really solving problems,” says Melda. “I’ll be extremely happy and satisfied if we can prove that we solving one of the biggest problems.”

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