Recap of our Webinar for Entrepreneurs

On October 13th, we hosted our first webinar for entrepreneurs and were very pleased with the results. Over 60 entrepreneurs from across the Middle East attended. We covered a number of topics including what we do, our investment process and criteria and how a startup could apply to pitch at our January, February or March Pitch meetings.  

We conceived of the webinar in response to the repeated issues we see when entrepreneurs pitch their startups to us. In particular, we think a lot of entrepreneurs can improve their decks and executive summaries with just a few simple steps and we wanted to explain what those are.

We have also heard of a few misconceptions about WOMENA we wanted to address during the webinar. For example, we have heard on several occasions male entrepreneurs have not considered WOMENA as an investor because they think we only invest in companies with a female founder. That’s not true, our investor base is solely women but we are gender-neutral when it comes to entrepreneurs.

You can watch the webinar here:

If you want to pitch at our January, February or March Pitch Meetings, please send us your deck and executive summary no later than November 15th. Following that, we will get back to you about the next steps as soon as possible.