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Singing the song of the revolution: Perla Joe Maalouli

“I’ve heard once that, you reach the ultimate freedom when you stop searching for freedom, and we are all still searching for freedom, so, we’re far from it still,” says Perla Joe Maalouli, a musician and activist who has been at the forefront of the Lebanese revolution.

We met Perla in Beirut last month to hear more about how her journey of self-discovery led her to the music and activism she bravely displays today. “I think they’ve eaten enough of this country and I think we have awakened now to actually take care of it,” she says. “The revolution gives me strength at this point because it’s a change that we have been hoping for.”

Protests were sparked this past October in Lebanon against the government’s decision to increase taxes. People took to the streets of every major city to demand a change in regime, calling for transparency and accountability. The ongoing protests have rallied and united different factions of the Lebanese people, and have birthed an amazing display of artistic expression.

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