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Smashing stereotypes: Alya Mooro’s journey to ‘The Greater Freedom’

“I didn’t feel like me or anyone that I knew was ever being represented in the media in terms of what it means to be Middle Eastern or what it means to be Muslim,” says Alya Mooro, journalist and author of “The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes.”

“I wrote it for the 15-year-old version of me that would have had her whole life changed if she had been able to read something like this when she was growing up,” says Alya, who says the book speaks not only to Middle Eastern women but women of different backgrounds who can see their own truth in a shared reality.

Alya spoke to womena®Media about her life navigating the world as a third culture kid, overcoming the stereotypes around women, her career in journalism, and most importantly, how writing “The Greater Freedom” was a journey of self-discovery and losing the fear she had around societal expectations. The process of researching, introspection, and writing allowed her to answer the many questions she had growing up.

“As I finished writing the book, I turned 30 and it felt like a real shedding and closing of the chapter and starting a whole new chapter where I really, really know myself.”

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