Talking periods and deconstructing gendered structures: BabyFist

BabyFist is more than a fashion brand that challenges gender constructs and educates consumers about the effects of occupation. Based in Palestine, they take their mission beyond that by opening up the space to actively engage with their community in conversations that deconstruct taboos and confront the confines of patriarchy.
They took a bold step venturing into schools and talking to girls about their periods and their bodies through their Menstruation Education Campaign, tackling sex education and topics that are are not discussed by families and excluded from school curriculum. “I think one of the most powerful tools that we have to challenge patriarchy, the effects of occupation and capitalism is being able to have the space to talk honestly and to talk vulnerably about the issues that have traumatized us,” says Yasmeen Mjalli, co-founder and creative director of BabyFist.
With national liberation always at the forefront, other issues such as gender rights and environmental issues can often be sidelined. “When you live in a country that is under occupation, it becomes difficult for us to focus on the small details of our personal lives, like how we are treated as women,” says Amira Khader, social impact and managing director of BabyFist. “As a store and as a space, a lot of people have said finally we have found the place where we can express our voices as women. Far from the identity of just being a Palestinian.”
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As a result of COVID19 and the lack of supplies, BabyFist are currently running a campaign to raise funds to support the production of masks for medical professionals in Gaza, to make a donation or support visit BabyFist