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The revolution of love: Perla Joe Maalouli

“It’s easy for me to write when I feel whatever I’m writing – it’s the truth and truth is easy,” says Lebanese activist and musician Perla Joe.

In Part 2 of our conversation with Perla, we follow her to Downtown Beirut to hear one of the many powerful speeches she has shared with protestors since the revolution began.

“Because of your light, this nation is now independent. The flame towards our independence that has lit October – nothing can turn it off. From the darkness to the light, and in the light we shall remain forever,” she tells the crowds.

Protests in Lebanon have entered their third month, and Perla has been one of the key figures. “I’m doing this for my parents, for my kids if ever, for myself because I’ve been working so hard for the past few years and whenever I work I take a step forward, something drags me ten steps back so I’m sick of that.”

Due to her active participation in the demonstrations, Perla has been subject to cyber harassment and bullying. “They’re trying to shut me down. The harder they come, the angrier we get. We become fiercer,” she says.

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