Womedia Interview: Nadia Dropkin and Dina Abouelsoud, Eish & Malh Co-Founders

Meet the duo transforming the food scene in Cairo’s historic Downtown district, experimenting with seasonal and local ingredients and making them accessible to all.

“All of our businesses until today are within a two-block radius… We like creating spaces in our community, for our community.” Nadia Dropkin, co-founder of عيش & ملح Eish & Malh told us in a womedia interview.

Collaborating with an alternative film center and hosting a monthly farmer’s market, Nadia and Dina are feeding the cultural scene in the heart of Cairo.

“Downtown is a mix of a lot of different people,” co-founder Dina Abouelsoud says. “What we’re trying to do in all of our spaces is to create space that is comfortable for everybody.”