Womedia Interview: Ohoud Saad, Yoga Instructor and Founder of Bindu by Ohoud

“I’ve been practicing yoga for almost eight years now and I’m learning new things everyday,” says Ohoud Saad, yoga instructor and founder of Bindu by Ohoud, Egypt’s first online community hub for all things yoga.

Through this platform, you can shop for yoga products that are branded as Bindu, learn about yoga through the wellness blog and connect with teachers and studios through the practice section, which is a directory for all the teachers, studios and events happening in and around Egypt.

Since Ohoud began practicing yoga and then became a teacher in 2015, she learned that yoga is not just a physical practice. “It was one of the most challenging but at the same time one of the most life changing journeys,” she tells womedia, “I want to share it because what it did to me – if it has this kind of potential – imagine what it would do with everybody else.”

Through Bindy by Ohoud, she connects with the yoga community in many ways and shares her practice with an increasingly inquisitive audience. “The feedback that I get just knowing that people use my products to practice and to make it a step closer to bettering their lives and to bettering themselves, that’s all the affirmation that I need basically with what I’m doing.”

*Special thank you to Amr Laz / ElRe7la Retreat for providing us some of the footage for this video.