Womena Opinions: Leaning In

What’s your leadership style? Do you ascribe to the “leaning in” philosophy or do you take a different approach?

In this #WomenaOpinions video, Elissa Freiha tells us how her own leadership style has developed and how the “leaning in” movement pushed forward by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg never really resonated with her.

“The idea that you have to lean in and make yourself more aggressive just to be accepted and respected — why can’t we just change the perceptions of leadership?” says Elissa, founder of womena.

“It shouldn’t be about acting like a leader, it should be about being one — authentically,” she adds.

Find out more about the waning influence of “leaning in” and how new leadership styles are evolving in different workplace cultures around the world. Tell us what leadership style works for you in the comments below.