Welcome to the womena®Bossladies Network!

We are excited that you have taken the first step to join the womena®Bossladies Network through our Slack Group. The womena®Bossladies Network exists to support, connect, and promote female leadership in business and tech across MENA nationally, regionally and globally as tech entrepreneurs (founders & executives), tech investors (angels and VCs), and tech talent (emerging and experienced).

This online community is meant to (1) pipeline regular ecosystem opportunities to your screens, (2) match-make collaboration between yourselves as ecosystem players, and (3) support one another holistically through a safe and shared space.

Kindly review the womena®Bossladies Community Guidelines.

What’s next?

  • Update your profile to share about yourself with the womena®Bossladies Network. For more information about updating your profile, click here.
  • Introduce yourself in the #general channel, your #country channel, and your designated channel (#entrepreneur/#investor/techtalent). We encourage you to include: your name, company, country, and what you are looking forward to as a member of the womena® Bossladies Network.
  • Read over our Community Guidelines, found here.
  • If you are new to Slack, familiarize yourself with how it works. Slack has some great resources for learning how to use their platform, like this short video.
  • Engage in ongoing conversations or start a new conversation on the various Slack channels. The public channels for everyone on the Network are:
      • #general – the space for all of your introductions and any other comments and inquiries that don’t pertain to the other channels (as outlined below).
      • #womenawellnessa safe space to tap into holistic, multifaceted support throughout your entrepreneurial journey to feed the mind, body and soul honoring mental health, functional wellness, and conscious living as powerful agents for impactful, effective, and insightful growth.
      • #events – a place to share events put on by both womena® and yourself as a womena®Bosslady
      • #opportunities – a channel to share the latest ecosystem offerings, ie. applications, competitions, summits, conferences, workshops, etc.
      • #wins – where we celebrate, note, and share your latest milestones, press, speaking engagements, awards, breakthroughs, etc. and circulate it
      • #hiring – a dedicated space to share hiring needs and opportunities, enhancing outreach and exposure for potential match-making
      • #womenateam – a permanent channel reserved for important womena® announcements for the womena®Bossladies Network
  • Note the exclusive country and channel types in the chart below!
  • Stay updated with Slack! You don’t want to miss all of the conversation on Slack, so make sure to set your notifications so that you receive alerts. You can download Slack on your iOS, Android, or Windows phone device to get notifications while you’re on the go, or you can sign up for email alerts for your @mentions and direct messages. Read more here to learn about setting up your notification preferences.


  • ENGAGE! Are you hosting your own event relevant to the Bossladies? Share in the #events channel! Did you hit a milestone in your company or know of another Bosslady killing it? Share in the #wins! Do you know of ecosystem events and opportunities relevant for the Bossladies community in your home country or the MENA region, hit up the #opportunities channel. In need of a little motivation and have some professional tips for the #general channel or personal mind/body/soul inspiration for #womenawellnes? Share on Slack with the rest of us!
  • Do you know distinctive female business leaders or creatives who should share their story? Nominate them to be featured! womena® loves to feature fabulous Bossladies who are transforming the tech industry and beyond in MENA. You can nominate someone or yourself by sending our Community Manager a DM (@marystuart).
  • Contribute to womena® media! Have a great idea for an article? We are now accepting original content to be featured on the womena® platform. Reach out to Community Management (marystuart@womena.com).
  • Refer a Bosslady! Know of other female tech entrepreneurs, investors, and/or in the MENA region who would benefit from joining the womena®Bossladies? You can invite them to join by sharing this link!

What’s up with Channels?

If you’ve never heard of channels, imagine these as different discussion threads.  

Once you have been added to the womena®Bossladies Slack Channel, you are automatically added to several channels by community management. You may also request access to join the country channel(s) most relevant to you (DM @marystuart).

#generalThis channel is for introductions and engaging with other womena®Bossladies on all miscellaneous topics and tech inquiries.
#eventsThis channel is for sharing events put on by yourself, your fellow Bossladies, or womena® the more we can show up for our own relevant events the better!
#opportunitiesThis is a space for sharing ecosystem opportunities whether it be awards, application deadlines, demo days, etc.
#winsThis is where we celebrate your #wins! If you have hit a milestone, won a competition, earned investment, published content, etc. or know of a Bosslady who has please share the #wins here so that we can all share.
#hiringIf you are planning to hire or looking to fill a hiring need, remember to share here.
#womenawellnessThis is a safe space to connect over wellness tips, personal topics, and wellbeing for the mind, body, and soul — in and out of the office! Mental health, functional wellness, and conscious living are powerful agents for impactful growth.
#womentumchatIf you are a womentum applicant, alumni, or interested in the program, connect here. The chat for all things #womentum!
#country-X / #region-X

(add yourself, see below*)

This channel is exclusively for Bossladies in a specific country (or region, at the global level). womena® will be posting information relevant to specific countries in the relevant channels, and this is also a great place to share localized information!

If not invited to a country, add yourself*

#entrepreneurs (request access)This channel is exclusively for Bossladies who are the founders of their businesses or executive management entrepreneurs.
#investors (request access)This channel is exclusively for Bossladies who are investors in the community.
#techtalent (request access)This channel is exclusively for Bossladies who are the tech talent of the community, from CTO’s to coding gurus and UX/UI.

*In case you need to be added to more channels, you have the option to
join other channels by clicking “Channels.” Once you have clicked on this, you will be able to scroll through the list and manually add yourself to any appropriate channels of interest.

Note: Remember, we have country-relevant channels that you may add yourself to, as noted in the chart above. You may also be invited to join the country channel (#country-X) of your primary residence and/or business alongside one or more of three additional private channels as an entrepreneur (founders & executives), investor, or tech talent. As described above in the chart, these are three sub-communities dependent on your role as an ecosystem player within the womena®Bossladies Network to effectively connect within your ecosystem niche.

Note: Anything posted to a public channel is browsable and searchable by all of the womena®Bossladies Network members (ie. guest speakers).

How do I connect with others privately?

One of the cool features of the Slack communities is that you can direct message (DM) any member of the community – including the womena® team! You can DM just one person or up to 8 other people (9, including you)!

Direct messages are private, ad hoc conversations and are best for quick discussions like discussing the week’s latest news or making plans to meet for coffee. All direct messages are visible and searchable only to members included in the DM.

Read more here for information about direct messaging.

What’s up with @mentions?

How do you call the attention of a specific member(s) on Slack? By typing “@ + name of the person(s) you are trying to reach,” the person mentioned will be notified. There are two ways to use this feature: choose from a list of members or type a @mention (i.e country channel, or “channel” to notify everyone there). Read more here for information.

How can I invite other Bossladies to join the Community?

You are the ambassadors for the value of this community, so we encourage you to spread the word about the womena®Bossladies Network.

Any interested members can register to join by filling out the application here (womena.com/bossladiesnetwork). Our Community Manager reviews applications regularly to review, pre-qualify and on-board all members before joining the network.

How can I engage with the womena® team?

The womena team is always here to answer any questions you may have about the womena®Bossladies Network or our overall programs.

Since you’re on Slack, send us a DM!

Elissa (@E), Christina (@Christina), Mary Stuart (@MaryStuart), Dulce (@Dulce), Hadeel (@Hadeel), Farida (@Farida), Amira (@Amira), Sameera (@Sameera), Tiara (@Tiara)

You can also contact us anytime via email at marystuart@womena.com.