Womentum 2019 – Kiya Mirshahi, Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

“Startups need to have “a very clear vision,” says Kiya Mirshahi, consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), “and what I mean is a bite-size, one-sentence short-term goal and a bite-size sentence long-term goal, so you can instantly tell your investor, your clients this is what I want to achieve with my startup.”

We sat down with Kiya during his visit to meet and work with the eight Womentum 2019 startups during the Berlin rotation, along with several other consultants from BCG who got straight to work on refining the startups’ overall business strategies.

He listed some common challenges that entrepreneurs in the region face, from revenue and cost structure to product and overall vision.

As Womentum’s Consulting Partner for the 2019 cycle, BCG is working closely with each startup to advise strategically on how to focus their unique value propositions throughout the four-month duration of the program, including providing focused mentorship during the remote period in the lead up to the Dubai bootcamp in October.